WHO about the danger of cell phones

Every day, while using cell phones we do not think about their impact on health. But there are people who spend a lot of time studying this matter.

The researchers, who for years has done study on the alleged harmfulness of cells cannot find an agreement. Still there are conflicting results. But you cannot ignore those that suggest that these devices are not entirely safe. There are reasons to believe that exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless communication can have bad consequences for us.

danger of cell phones

In the interest of public health, 31 scientists from 14 countries led by the International Center for Research on Cancer met in Lyon, France. The aim of the conference was the objective assessment of the risks faced by long-term mobile users (it is estimated that there are already about 5 billion of them). After the conference, the World Health Organization announced the conclusions.

The researchers concluded that one cannot unequivocally rule out the potential threat of cancer. The evidence helped prevent the claim that it is likely that mobile phone use contributes to brain tumors, including glioblastoma and cancer of the auditory nerve and other types of cancer.

Therefore, the WHO officially assigned mobile phones to the category “2B”, which means that they are “perhaps carcinogenic”. Consequently, the association of cell phones with cancer will be now diligently monitored.