Cell phones activate brain

Since mobile phones have become a commonly used device, the scientists have been doing research on their effects on human health. There were many theories created, now new trail is followed.

phones activate brain

Researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Maryland found that mobile phone conversation directly stimulates the nerve cells of the brain. Doctor, who is the head of research, however, cools the emotion dowb. Changes that occur in the brain are slight. May lead to possible disturbances of concentration and sleep problems. But they are obvious proof that the cells do not cause the creation of a brain tumor.

Moreover, for the brain to begin to work on larger speed, the conversation has to be long, it must last at least 50 minutes, besides the brain heats up only in the place closest to the telephone. Increased brain activity was detected from the increasing level of glucose while having phone conversation. Glucose provides energy for brain cells.

This dependence is confirmed in 47 persons participating in the study. All patients experienced having some areas of the brain work harder, and the antenna increased it by 7 percent. This discovery is extremely important for modern science, especially medicine. Although thanks to it, it was possible to exclude the relationship between mobiles, and cancer, it is still not determined what is exactly the impact of frequent phone use on human health. We do not know what are the consequences of use it in the long run - in 10 or 20 years.

It is therefore subject for further investigation. Scientists also pervade the answer to the question of how cell phone radiation affects children, and adults. So far it is important to  follow mainly the common sense. If possible, turn off the cell, reduce child conversations to a minimum. Pregnant woman should also rehab from the cell phones, or at least not allow the situation when the phone is in the abdominal area.