Mobile phone harms a child

Cell phone is an indispensable part of life. We always have it with us, sometimes even more than one. We use them regardless of whether they are safe for health or not.

phones brain damage

Although research involving the phone manufacturers and the World Health Organization demonstrated no direct effect of cells on brain damage. However, there are reasons to believe that phones can damage health. However, it appears that not everyone can safely talk on the cell. Danish researchers conducted a study which showed that mobile phones are not recommended during pregnancy. It also should not be constantly used by children to the age of 10 years.

Scientists have shown that children whose mothers during pregnancy used cell phones regurarly are exposed to visible changes in behavior. The risk increases when the child from an early age uses the cell. Mobile phones may contribute to personality disorders or mood swings.

In children who habitually talk on the phone, and also their mothers often used phone during pregnancy, were observed disturbing signs. Their behavior differed significantly from the normal behavior of their peers who have no contact with the phones. Behavioral problems manifested themselves in frequent anxiety, trouble sleeping, seizures, uncontrolled outbursts of aggression and anger.

Danes have not finished their work yet. Perhaps their conclusions will be much more serious. For now, the results of only observation are known.